I'm a mama bird, nature lover & kitchen enthusiast. As owner of Kitchen Intuition, I provide weekly, bi-weekly or monthly in-home personal chef services, as well as health and wellness consultation.  My formal education began is in the Arts, but my  creativity went beyond the canvas and into the kitchen  several years ago.  After studying food science, my curiosity of preparing healthy, all natural foods began.    As a personal chef, I focus on real, whole foods that are locally sourced whenever possible, offer seasonal and diet-specific menus and customized meal plans. My passion for healthful living extends beyond the kitchen as my studies in Holistic Nutrition led me to become a Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Autoimmune Nutrition Specialist. When working with clients on their journey toward setting and reaching their wellness goals, we learn how small shifts lead to lasting change.

Food is my love language and wellness is my passion, to say the least.

In health & happiness, Jenny


My Big Sis (the pretty lady on the left) came up with the name Kitchen Intuition when she attended culinary school at Bauman College in California.  A few years  and a move back to Wisconsin later,  Angela and I, who both share the love of good food and healthy cooking, started working with clients and didn't look back!  We've grown  this labor of love since 2005 and still believe that Kitchen Intuition is all about getting back to basics--healthy food, healthy life.  Angela has started on a new path related to wellness, but she'll always be of KI. And if you're really lucky, you'll get enjoy her amazing cooking!


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