about jenny

Jenny's formal education from Brown College is in Visual Communications. Her creativity went beyond the canvas and into the kitchen as her love for cooking began several years ago. She has studied Food Science at Madison College and Holistic Nutrition at Clayton College of Natural Health. She continues her studies of all things related to wellness. Jenny is  a Dr. Sears LEAN certified Health Coach and certified Barre instructor. She is passionate about helping people live their healthiest lives.

since becoming Mamas:

Angela and Jenny have expanded their services to meet the need of new and expectant mothers and growing families. Together, these sisters truly enjoy cooking great food. They believe that Kitchen Intuition is all about getting back to basics--healthy food, healthy life.  They feel truly blessed for how their business has grown over the years and look forward to continuing to share their passion!

Kitchen Intuition was started in 2005 by two sisters, Angela and Jenny, who share the love of good food and healthy cooking. After many hours together in the kitchen, and rave reviews from those who sampled their tasty treats, they decided to take their hobby and turn it into a business.
about angela

Angela’s interest in natural foods and healthy living has been ongoing for over a decade.  She attended holistic nutrition and culinary art school, Bauman College, in 2003 and became certified as a whole foods chef.   Angela is ServSafe Certified and has worked as a private chef for both individuals and families in the Chicago and Madison areas. She enjoys introducing clients to healthy alternatives and watching them make positive changes in their lives.


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