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Meal Planning

Our most popular service! We will work with you to choose meal options that will best work for your family. Meals are made from fresh ingredients, on the day of service, in your home.  You choose if you want organic, local, or conventional ingredients in your meals. Let’s say we prepare four meals for you on Monday.   If by Thursday you have entrees yet to enjoy, just freeze them for another time.  It's all about making your life easier! Per your request, we can freeze meals for you right away.  This service includes grocery shopping, meal preparation, storage, labeling , reheating directions, clean up and the amazing aroma of healthy, home cooked food. 

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Other Meal Services: 

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Romantic Dinners
Grocery Shopping and Delivery 
Diet-Specific Needs

DIY Recipe Packs
 Home Made Baby Food Classes & Preparation

2 meals for 4 = $180 (8 servings)
2 meals for 6= $235 (12 servings)
4 meals for 4 = $245 (16 servings)
4 meals for 6 = $300 (24 servings)
 6 meals for 4 = $310 (24 servings)
6 meals for 6 = $365 (36 servings)
**Cost of Groceries Not Included**